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Through our One-on-One coaching, we will empower you to reach your potential, helping you pave the way so you can reach your desired goals and overcome limiting paradigms.


As a Certified John Maxwell Coach, I will guide you through the Maxwell coaching principles and will hold you accountable for your progress, personally and professionally


We offer a variety of customized presentations to fit your individual or organization’s needs such as:  

  • Lunch and Learn 

  • Keynotes

  • Workshop

  • Seminar

  • Leadership Training


If  you are interested in booking a Consultation, Coaching, Speaking or Training, BOOK NOW



There is something about working together with like-minded people and accomplishing great things together. Truly, no man is an island and this is no more apparent than in joining a Mastermind group. When more minds work collectively, greater things are achieved collectively too.

The main idea of this group is working together to improve your personal and professional success with the help of other members and the experiences they bring to the collective. And by doing so, all members benefit as they willingly learn, grow and gain support from each other through the use of intelligent discussions and brainstorming sessions.


Key Benefits

  • Engage with a supportive and exclusive community of like-minded people

  • Be filled with collaborative and synergistic energy

  • Opens your mind to new and bigger ideas

  • Get genuine advice and feedback

  • Access to added resources and growth principles 

  • Be more accountable for your own success and inspire you to be a better version of yourself - just to name a few!

When we connect with a tribe of people with similar values and beliefs, people who want to see you succeed amazing things can happen. You get to expand your network of valuable connections, give and receive help and support. You have access to different viewpoints and approaches to problems and challenges. You get to experience that priceless feeling of being part of something bigger, something greater than yourself. We use the Maxwell method to engage your team and jointly explore opportunities for change and creating a way forward.


Club Careers is a monthly membership and career development coaching group committed to inspiring, empowering and supporting career paths through masterclasses, workshops, and accountability programs that will develop personal talents, job skills, and desire into fulfilling careers. 


Our Advisory Board consists of industry leaders, professionals, career coaches, consultants and recruiters, that will be on hand to support you. JOIN THE CLUB 

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